Change, growth and acceptance


Challenges is a good way to look at certain things in life.  Sometimes you bring them on yourself, sometimes others or situations have you trying to figure out what to do or where to go next. 

For quite some time I’ve wondered what’s coming next and why, though I always would find the positives and run with them as best I could.  I’ve realized though that this isn’t always the ‘best’ road to take.

Sometimes you just have to accept and feel the feelings that go with the challenge you may be facing.  Easy right?   Hell no!! 

Recently I was involved in some ‘politics’ within my life and whilst I brushed it off and continued on doing what I was doing, what I’ve always done, it actually had me ‘confused’, ‘flat’, ‘angry’ and a little (ok, quite a lot) ‘hurt’.

I realized that the words that were said and the treatment I received said more about those talking than me but I was still hurt by it…  I however kept up my persona and continued to ‘bounce and bound’ ahead one tracked and not a care in the world, after all, it was just a tiny ripple in a pond in the grand scheme of things.  So I pushed it aside.


Then came the game changer.  A moment or two that set up and defined my current mindset.  Not all positivity, shooting stars and rainbows that’s for sure, but it forced me to be real. 

This very thing caused me to fall apart, to bend and actually break a little.  I cried, a lot but….  Something happened, it took a few days, but there has been a definate shift.

My journey to being a happier, healthier, emotionally and physically fit, confident woman who loves, respects and honors herself is a giant rollercoaster ride and it is really hard to navigate.  But currently I feel empowered.  There is light, clarity, acknowledgement and acceptance.  Coming is change, personal growth and an incredibly exciting yet terrifying journey…

I have a brand new perspective.  It’s so hard to put into words but I am seeing things from a whole new angle, but its like I’m on the outside looking in.  I’m feeling but more than that, I’m owning it.  I’m open to possibilities and change.
I actually believe that I will be ok and that this new unexpected and terrifying yet empowering journey will be worth it.  Where will this road take me?  Who knows…  Right now, I’m ok with that.  I’m going to embrace the journey. 



Believe in yourself


Seems a little  hypocritical for me to write this post when it’s the very thing I struggle to do successfully.

It seems that there are so many people out there willing to shoot you down in flames given the opportunity.

I take these thoughts on board way to often and lately I seem to be taking them to heart a tad too much, so much so that I ended up in tears on Thursday last week and had to leave work early, not one of my finest moments that’s for sure!

So what can be done about this? How can one move past the  negativity and keep their head held high? This I am still working on…

I know deep down inside that the comments that are thrown my way say less about me then the person dishing them out, but honestly at times, it’s hard to remember this in the moment.

I’m thinking it comes down to believing in yourself. Knowing who you are and keeping true to you, your beliefs and morals.  A lesson I frequently need to remind myself of.


Surrounding yourself with people that empower you and lift you higher, support you and live with positive thoughts rather than negative.  I find this helps but I also don’t reach out to those people in my life when I need it.
This is something I need to get better at.

They other thing I have seen work for others is a vision board.  Use this to put out to the universe what you want in your life, your goals, ambitions, and positive affirmations. Setting this positive reinforcement can not hurt either, displaying this in a place you see it daily is also an excellent reminder!

I am following some amazing and  positive people on  Instagram at the moment and it is pushing me in the right direction.  I guess the most important thing to remember us that a hiccup or slip up is just that! Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.  Keep believing that you are worthy and deserving and believe in yourself and eventually, day by day this will be how you see yourself and your life will reflect these changes in a positive manner.

Dream, Believe, Achieve.
As they say, every expert was a beginner once. Every one had to start somewhere!  Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.


My mission from here is to work on changing my mindset to reflect this post.  Who’s with me?

Fathers Day

Dad = “A sons first hero; a daughters first love”


Today is Fathers Day in Australia. So I would like to wish a very big Happy Father’s Day to…

*All the dads out there that are spending today getting hand made gifts, burnt toast, cuddles and kisses from their babies.

*All the dads out there who through no fault of their own for whatever reason cannot see their babies today and are missing those precious moments.

*All the fathers whom have sadness in their hearts today as their babies became angels too soon, my thoughts are with you today and I’m sending love your way.

*All Mumma’s out there that are stepping into the role of dad as well as mumma, a big happy Father’s Day to you also.

*All the men who are Step Parents and have taken on and stepped up to the role of Dad to the little ones of their partners; your hearts and love are also incredible. Happy Father’s Day to you.

To those of you who for various reasons are missing your fathers and cannot celebrate today with them, close your eyes, remember the good times and know that your dad’s are looking down on you today and live within your heart and memories always.

Today is always a little difficult for me. I personally do not have my father or grandfather in my life to and unfortunately (due to circumstances and choices out of my control) my beautiful boys do not have their fathers as part of their life either.

However, today I am grateful (in spite of my situation and circumstances) that I met, knew and loved the 2 men that have made my life complete. Without the love, memories and moments that we shared; the good times that we had; the greatest blessings in my life would have never been possible. I would never had the opportunity or honour of becoming a mother to my little men. The gift of being a mum is something I cherish daily, I am incredibly lucky and blessed.

Today I honour the fathers of the world; including the fathers of my boys and I say thank you and Happy Fathers Day.

Enjoy your cold coffee, burnt toast, & Father’s Day stall gimmicky gifts, knowing that it all comes from pure love and admiration. xo


Wow! What an inspiring 2 days of Spring. So inspiring that I may have joined the Get Commando Fit 12 Week Challenge!! Boom!


Yep… Pumped. Kinda! I always start these type of things strong… It’s a few weeks in that I get lost and fall off the wagon. So here is my accountability.

Note to self; I can only reach my goals if I allow myself too. So, I’m gonna fight, push through and work my darn butt off to become stronger than my demons; to become fitter, healthier, stronger, faster. The best version of me I can be, for me.

Happiness is a choice. I’m choosing happiness. Here’s to the journey and the results during the coming weeks.

And the scariest post ever.
Accountability and putting it out there. These posts can be deleted right… *deep breath*



Seasons Change

Oh Spring. Welcome back. I’ve missed you and you’re warmth, blue skies and sunshine. The new blossoms and growth on winter trees. The days staying lighter later and daylight savings commencing. Yes I have been waiting all winter for you to make an appearance.

Spring is my second most favourite season. I love (almost) everything about it. This Spring is also marking another change in my little world, a mindset change and one that in all honesty has taken too long to “click”.

I am working towards becoming more like the person I was last Autumn and Winter. I was happier in how I felt within and I was (more) comfortable with how I looked on the outside.

With winter there were some big changes, conflict, and a flurry of emotions and my demons resurfaced. To “protect” myself, I ate (a lot and not good stuff), stopped exercising and stopped really caring about myself.

Enter stage left, self sabotage, bullying, denial, self preservation and friends. When these guys decide they want to take over, I really struggle to assert the ‘formally’ weaker part of me and I fall onto old patterns and the continuous roundabout of self doubt becomes too strong.

With a fair bit of TLC, along with counselling, some healing and being kind to myself, I am getting stronger and am making a commitment to myself to love the me I am right now.

I’m accepting the fall down I experienced and I am no longer making it wrong. It is what it is. It is a moment in time where I was in a different and negative headspace and we all have moments like those in life, sometimes short bursts of time, others longer.

Life is a journey and one I’m waking up to enjoy, I’m learning to be present. I’m learning to love myself and accept and be okay with me.

Spring is a time of new beginnings for me. I’m Spring Cleaning my mind, and my body and the only way from here is forward. Sure there may be a hurdle or two, but I always wanted to try athletics so it seems there really is no time like the present.